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EV Market News

Study Shows Consumers Want Charging Stations Near Most of Their Day-to-Day Activities and Destinations

A recent study conducted by a third party indicates that people who currently drive, or will drive an electric vehicle want to charge as part of their daily routines near the places they go in their communities every day. The respondents noted they would find it helpful to have charging in the following places:

73% while at the grocery store

70% while dining at a restaurant

69% while retail shopping

68% while working

64% while watching a movie in a theater

60% while exercising

58% while getting something to drink at a cafe

54% while reading

C7: Assuming a charging station is available nearby, now helpful would it be for you to charge your EV during the following activities?

Top 2 Box reported on 5-pt scale (very helpful, somewhat helpful, neither helpful nor unhelpful, somewhat unhelpful, very helpful)

Source: F’inn/Accelerating EV Adoption study (01/04/2022)