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Volta Updates

Our “Time To Move On” Campaign Uses the Power of Our Charging Stations to Drive the Switch to Electric

The transition to electric transportation is one of the largest, and most important, shifts of our lifetimes. Electric cars are becoming more affordable, and automakers have accelerated production. Yet access to EV charging infrastructure is the “chicken and egg” problem that continues to deter many individuals from going electric—especially amongst those who are unable to charge at home. 

Day in and day out, Volta tackles this exact challenge, all in pursuit of realizing the carbon-free transportation future that we—and our planet—urgently need. Our network of EV chargers integrates into drivers’ daily routines (shopping, dining out, entertainment, and more) and makes charging easy and affordable for all. 

Our conveniently-placed EV charging stations, however, do more than just recharge vehicles—they spread information. 55-inch digital screens are found on both sides of our stations. Brands like Netflix, Starbucks, Anheuser-Busch, and Jeep and retailers like Albertsons and Kohl’s use these screens to showcase their products and in-store specials. Local communities also use this platform to deliver news and announcements relevant to those who pass by. 

This eye-catching messaging platform also allows Volta to accelerate our vision of a clean energy future. In the lead up to Earth Day 2022, we have launched our first brand campaign to encourage all to make the switch to electric transportation. 

The “Time To Move On” campaign brings a provocative, yet informative, lens to the very serious problems caused by internal combustion engines. By highlighting EVs’ myriad benefits—financial, health, environmental, and more—in a clever and visually appealing way, we seek to convince audiences that, once and for all, now is the time to switch to electric. 

You can find the campaign running on a Volta EV charging station near you through April 30 and on Volta’s Instagram and Twitter accounts. If you want a sneak peak at all of the campaign creative, please help yourself here (and be sure to share with your social networks).     

One final note: while this campaign was launched in support of Earth Day, at Volta we know that our planet must be cared for each and every day. For that reason, we will be running more campaigns like this in the future—the stakes are too high not to.